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The New Testament Way -

It Really Works!

Norman H. Wells

From The Church That Jesus Loved, 1973 (Chapter 15)

It is easily established from the Bible that in New Testament times missionaries were sent forth by the local churches. There were no Mission Boards! No Mission Directors! No Conventions! No Associations! No Organized Fellowships!


It worked! The greatest missionary effort the world has ever known took place during New Testament times. The only organizations used were the local churches.

Today's missionary efforts are failing. They are reaching a smaller percentage of the world's population than any generation before. WE NEED TO RETURN TO GOD'S WAY.


There are hundreds of Baptist churches today who are still doing their Mission Work in the New Testament way!

Organized Baptists are continually crying that it can't be done but IT IS BEING DONE!

Large numbers of Baptist churches that belong to these organizations are interested. They want to know how it works. They want to know how independent Baptists can send forth missionaries without a Mission Board or some other such organization. A great number of the churches that are in these organizations are taking a hard look at the growing complexity of machinery that it takes to run the organization.

What independent Baptists are doing is simple . . . we are following the New Testament way. For all who are interested let me try to spell it out in the simplest way:


1. The Missionary is called of God and led by the Holy Spirit.

2. The Missionary makes this call known to his local church. This church, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, approves the Missionary and assumes the responsibility of sending him forth.

3. The Missionary, sponsored by the local church and led by the Holy Spirit goes to other churches seeking their help in getting him to the field.

4. Other churches, as they are led by the Holy Spirit, agree to help the sponsoring church get the missionary to the field.

5. When the missionary has raised his support the sponsoring church sends him forth.

6. From the field the missionary sends reports of his activities and finances to his local church and to all supporting churches.

Let me give you a couple of examples. I have before me the monthly report of a couple of missionaries who have gone forth in this New Testament way. Bro. Ted Estridge is an independent Baptist Missionary in Okinawa. He has been sent forth by the First Baptist Church of Harrison, Ohio. Bro. Estridge has gone out in the New Testament way. In one year after he had made known his call to Okinawa he was on the field with full support.

The monthly report before me shows that Bro. Estridge received close to $600.00 in support for the month. THIS SUPPORT CAME FROM 36 CHURCHES IN 6 DIFFERENT STATES!

Bro. Ed Scalf is an independent Baptist Missionary in Japan. He is sent forth by the Rodgers Baptist Church, Garland, Texas. Bro. ScaIf's monthly report shows that he received over $700.00 in support last month. THIS SUPPORT CAME FROM 37 DIFFERENT CHURCHES IN 13 STATES.

These are just examples. As there is no central headquarters for independent Baptists it is impossible to give national reports of all independent Baptists.


However, I can give a report of the Central Baptist Church. We have personal relationship with independent Baptist Missionaries in LEBANON ... JAPAN ... BRAZIL ... PUERTO RICO ... AFRICA ... MEXICO ... ALASKA ... PAKISTAN ... PERU ... MEXICAN BORDER ... INDIA ... CENTRAL AMERICA ... OKINAWA ... JORDAN ... and EGYPT. There are many others. These all have been sent forth in the New Testament way we have set down in this article.

To my knowledge there has never been a missionary sent forth this way who had to come home because of finances. There has never been a time when they did not receive the money needed for emergencies, etc. They all get home when time for their furlough arrives.

LOCAL CHURCHES CAN SEND MISSIONARIES ANYWHERE THAT A MISSION BOARD CAN SEND THEM. It is constantly told that Missionaries cannot get on some fields unless they are sent by Mission Boards. This is not so! If a Mission Board can get on a field so can independent Baptists.

TO ALL WHO ARE INTERESTED ALL I CAN SAY IS ... COME ON IN, THE WATER'S FINE! The number of Baptists who are returning to New Testament ways in missions is constantly growing.

God is blessing with a fine number of independent Baptist missionaries who are continually going forth.New mission fields are being opened up. THE FASTEST GROWING MOVEMENT AMONG BAPTISTS IS A RETURN TO THE NEW TESTAMENT WAY.